You sink or you swim 

When you fall in love

No matter who you are

When you love, you fall apart

Now I understand

That this is the deal

And If I'm gonna love You

Without a doubt I'm gonna feel it


What could be better than pain to

Remind me I'm alive?

If I'm gonna heart You 

It's gonna heart me

But trust me that's fine


Like the beat in my chest

Like the blood in my head

You are the life in me

The love of my soul.

When the world's falling down

And I'm lost in the depths

You would move Hell and high water

To save me from death

It's a wild love


Some call it crazy

And they might be right

But you think I'm worth it

Not only that, You make me feel it

Some say they love, but really can’t prove it

Well my God He showed it

He gave it all, though we don't deserve it


A love so wild, death couldn't tame


No height, no depth could separate

Not life. Not death. Could separate

And nothing, nowhere could separate

I'm persuaded that nothing could separate us from your love.

(Take me up and pull me in)






The sky is dark tonight

I see the end draw nigh

How have we fallen so?

You harvest what you sow

Sow change. Change


This might not be what you want

but maybe it's what you need

Might not be what you want

but it's something I gotta sing

Might not be what you want

maybe it's what you need

Might not be what you want. No, no


‘Cause we're Babylon, Babylon

That's not where we belong

When sin pulls me to the edge

His grace draws me in again

We're Babylon, Babylon

Can I reach you through a song?

Through exile and pride we rage

but can we communicate?


There's writing on the walls

Like ancient Babylon

We're running out of time

To make our wrongs a right

So better make your mind up

Will you be a fighter 

Or sit and watch your world burn

from the ground up?


Sow repentance, reap forgiveness

Come in from the rain

Sow in pain, you reap in pain

Stop playing this old game






Rain upon my shoulder now

Used to think that the gale was a curse, but now

I can hear melodies in rain


The tree's become my tutor now

Take the good and the bad and just filter out

What you need from the tempest to grow


Our roots deep in the ground

I'm worn like leather now

The rain falls on my skin

Not destroyed, just broken in


I see a rainbow on the road

and honestly all I see may be indigo

even though other colors may glow


But indigo is beautiful

Like the darkness to light makes the spectrum full

Darker days seem to highlight the sun






I'm unafraid, not afraid anymore

Of the pain and the rage all up in that storm

I'll brave the cruel, cruel world

I'll brave the cold, cold world

Knowing that You're loving me

I will get by, with Your Ghost inside


I can't, even when my heart breaks

I can't give it up

I can't, even when the tears rain

I can't give it up

I can't, even if I want to

I can't give it up


Fire and rain by night

And tears, they fall like bombs from the sky

And if sticks and stones

They come to break my bones, I still know You're loving me

You overcame the world

You overcame my world

Now I can't help but to believe





I've got dreams inside

Goals before I die

Adventure for this Young Heart

A love that books can't hold

Twists that lie untold

I want more from this life


Yeah, I wanna feel alive

See color in black and white

The cyclical I'll deny this time

And I've discovered that only You can write

A story to satisfy this heart


Oh, oh, oh, I want you more

Now is the time we lift our eyes

We can live 1,000 lives and never really live

'Til we've given You our hearts and really meaning it

Oh, oh, oh, we want You more


Hearts wanna live forever wild and reckless

But we'd rather have You

I was chasing love, adventure, and freedom

And I found it in You Jesus, in You


I can't help it, I only got eyes for You

Everything is beautiful

And there is nothing You can't do

I only got eyes for You


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