We’re gonna paint the town

We’re gonna make it loud

Yeah, reds, blues, and greens

It’s gonna be a beautiful thing

And the cynics will fuss

Yeah, they’re all mad at us

‘Cause we painted a scene 

That no one really wants to see


With my colors I painted a veil

That sits like a crown on the top of the head 

Of every pure and righteous girl

With my colors I painted a man

Who is strong and not afraid to fight

For everything that he believes in


With my colors I painted a man

Who was strong and not afraid to fight 

For everything that he believed in

Most of His body I painted with red

Because of the blood He bled on the cross

A sacrifice, a revolutionary man


(Reds, blues, greens - You and me

Blacks, Whites, Browns - paint the town)





Love, I’m sick of the word and all it entails

Why can’t that be me

You start thinking out loud

Tossing pennies into wishing wells


You try to run away

Try to avoid love like the plague

There’s just something about you

Love is on the run to catch you


Your heart is bruised and it’s broken

And it feels so abused

But love isn’t the person that

Left you feeling used

Love is beautiful

Love is a gentleman

Love is waiting patiently for you


Love is a fighter

Love has a different name

Love is Jesus

Waiting to catch you when you break


You’re thinking out loud

Tossing pennies into wishing wells

You’re dreaming out loud

Tossing pennies into wishing wells





The whole world’s in a state of panic

They’ve got it right

Things are looking worse than ever

But I’ve got a light

I’ve got the Truth

Jesus, You


This very well could be the end

So let’s start tonight right

Gotta give it all or nothing

God I give my life 

‘Cause if I die tonight

You know I’m going out bright

I’ll let my faith be seen like a…



Like a fi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ire


We’re kids, we’re young, we’re rash

Maybe that’s not bad

Get a cause, put us all together

What do you have?

A burning fuse

Oh God, we burn for you


As the night keeps getting darker

Our light shines brighter

If we burn, let’s burn together

We are a firework

Let’s paint the sky

And hold our heads lifted high

And we’ll be like…


(Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!)


You can go, you can stay

We will burn anyway

Shining as one

We will shine like the sun





I’m in the dark and I

Don’t know what on earth’s going on

And my heart’s on fire

This tired mind can’t go on


As the sun comes up 

I can see the face of dawn

And my hope ignites

As You rise into the sky

Like the sun


In the darkest seas of my disbelief

You saw everything all around me

You reached down and You rescued me

In my darkest seas, In my darkest seas


Th reality hits

Like a ton of bricks in my soul

But the pain that I feel

Is so quiet and still in Your arms


As I face myself in the mirror

I can see where I once was

As I drifted out to sea

Jesus, You rescued me





I look around at all the colors

And see your face smilling right at me

It’s Anaheim in December

But then I wake and realize it’s a dream

I won’t stop believing in God for you

I’m trying to hold myself together

But it’s easier with two


I was conversing with God

About a thing or two

He told me the time just wasn’t right

“Don’t forget the dream I gave to you”


So I don’t know how we’re gonna find each other

But I’ll be waiting for the right day

We’ll do things the right way

I promise you I’ll never leave

And I, I can’t see 

Everything you’ll be to me

But I’ll be seeing with my eyes, no 

Looking with my heart

I promise you I’ll never leave


So I’ve been thinking about ya

This mystery girl that I hope to meet

I kinda hope to myself that

You’re somewhere out there thinking about me

So if you’re out there

Don’t give up hope

I’ll find you

When you’re trying to hold yourself together

If you’re in pieces I’ll be the glue


As the sun goes down

Youre eyes, they close

You’re dreaming so loud

What’s on your mind

I might never know

Maybe it’s the guy with this guitar


It won’t be hard to be my girl

I’ll love you for who you are and who you were

Don’t have to be crazy to impress me

In fact I love a girl with modesty

And if the world comes to an end

I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand

God when the day comes that I find her

I promise to follow every step of your word


I won’t turn back

I won’t give up

Won’t give up hope

No, I won’t stop

I’ll take a stand

I’ll be your man

I won’t give up, I won’t give up hope





Hello  sleepy myself

It’s been far too long

And since I can’t sleep

Then I’ll sing us a song


Yes I am still restless

If you wanted to know

And I’d give many things

To sleep a wink, sweet dreams and all


Oh how I love 

To have wings brush my face

From an angel’s back

Or a hummingbird at that

But alas, I’m still awake


So this is my lullaby

To those of us losing too much

Sleep at night

Over little things

So won’t you close those eyes

And sleep at peace 

In the arms of God


Hello fellow dreamer

Let’s go back in time

We’ll  save the world and fall in love

And be the heroes in our minds

Father, give us rest

To boys and girls of every kind

‘Cause only You can calm the storm

In our hearts and homes and lives


Hello friends and family

Would you lend me your ears?

Could we cherish our lives

For what they are, both smiles and tears?

‘Til we close our eyes one last time

So fall asleep to this goodnight lullaby





I’ve been tracing these maps for others to follow

But I can’t lead where I’ve never been

So won’t You show me where You are

And show me who I am?


I’ve been going in circles now

I’m back to the middle

Let the truth be told

I’m lost, just a little

What is sky or ground

Has my up been down?

I’ve been up all night with numbers and figures

Still I can’t figure out just how I got here

I am so confused

A sad song with a happy tune


This can’t be the end where I

Ride off into the fire-lit sky

God I’m trusting You for a better ending


Took a drive downtown

Left on Pacific

With the windows down

Fresh air in my system

But I can’t erase 

This feeling of being displaced


So I drive and drive

Looking for a place where I belong

I’m searching 

Oh my God, are You

Listening to my song?





Ooh, there is an absence in my chest

But the pain is still alive and it won’t rest

I am not a man, I am merely just a ghost of

Who I wanna be deep in my soul


‘Cause I’m a dead man walking all around 

Looking for a heart that can’t be found

Only in Your hands can I be molded, Jesus


So give me Your heart

‘Cause I need it now

Give me Your heart

So I can find you out

Give me Your heart


Ooh, I really want to be like You

My fleeting courage cannot be restrained

I hunger for Your heart

I really wanna start

Living life like I am not the same


I was a dead man walking through the town

Seeing all the people like me around

Only in Your hands can I have courage, Jesus





Every day I wish myself away so far

If I’m anointed king, why is everything so hard?

First the lion and the bear, then the giant

Now it’s the king

But in this cave to You, my God I’ll sing


O-o-o-oh, o-o-o-oh

I’m scarred and I’m bruised

But I’ll push and I’ll prove that

Nothing will hold me back


On my broken life 

I’ve seen the hand of God

And through these battles fought

I’ve seen my weakness made strong

Though it feels like I’m getting closer to the end

I lay my armor down and fight with all I am


All You are is all I need

And I’ll reach my destiny





Heavenly Father, I lay myself down

Total surrender, before Your feet

I’ll give You my weakness

Give me Your strength

This broken vessel cries out to You


I’m caught in the moment

I’m lost in Your love

Beholding Your beauty

Basking in grace


Savior, Savior

Hear my humble cry

While on others Thou art calling

Do not pass me by


I need thee Lord, I need Thee

Every hour I need Thee

Bless me now, my Savior

I come to Thee





The second star to the right

Shines in the night for you

But with your head in the sky

You’ve no time for us down here

As fairies guide you along

You leave me alone inside

And I try calling you home

But I’m just a ghost tonight


Let the light lead you home

Lead you home


You’re living in Neverland

Don’t want to turn into a man

You think that you’re older

But you turn a cold shoulder

To a helping hand


Pirates have damaged your mind

With their cannonballs and fights

Mermaids have stolen your heart

As your fairy starts to die

Just hear me out

I’m only trying to help. Just see

But no, you won’t listen to me 

As I start to sing


May the light lead you home

Lead you home


Can’t you see all of the love

I have in my heart for you

I don’t want to let you go

I just want to let you know that

There is a God in the sky

He will shine in the night for you

I pray to God to change these hearts

Lead us to a brand new start

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