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{about "Young Hearts"}

"I keep ending up pleasantly surprised by what Southlen offers with each new album. They know how to evolve while maintaining their identity as a band, and they always focus on creativity without putting their spirituality out to pasture. The band recently went from five members down to three, and it seems like that may have brought them closer together as a band. I love the direction they've taken with Young Hearts, and if this EP is a prelude to a forthcoming full-length album, it's one I'll need to add to my calendar."


"The thing about Southlen is that they deliver both in their musical abilities and in their songwriting, all while having their own unique sound. That is why I’m such a fan because they’re actually good and put in the effort in every aspect of their music. I’m excited to see what they will create next."




{about "XVII"}

"So much of modern pop music is disposable, with thoughtless, mass-produced trash running amok. Sadder still is that it's all relatively big-budget production, with no artistic tendencies. Southlen is proof that you can make good pop rock music with integrity, a sense of artistry, and meaning... XVII is an impressive album that experiments with a lot of different sounds; it keeps getting repeat listens in my library, and it gets better each time."


"For fans of bands like Young The Giant or Two Door Cinema Club, Southlen’s new album can provide a great Christian alternative that can inspire as well as have energetic beats that can attract anyone to listen. Hearing the album you can tell the level of professionalism and careful detail to each track and lyric." -The Vanguard Voice


{about "Loving Life, Living Love"}

"It's hard to know what to expect from young artists these days, with many of them being low-grade hardcore bands or sloppy rappers who have nothing to say. Southlen, on the other hand, sheds a little light on their peers."


"On the musical side, the band defies easy categorization. It’s engaging and promising and there’s power and hooks aplenty, but also a whimsical, breezy, laid-back vibe that tempers the normal youthful aggression that you might expect. Juxtaposing contrasting elements creates delicious and oblique sonic interest… If these guys can hold it together for the long haul, we just might see Southlen emerging as one of the faces of the next wave of Christian rock." -Worship Leader Magazine 


{about Southlen in general}

"This is my jam today, check them out! @southlen and their song "young hearts"... " -@ChristianMusic a.k.a. Stephen Christian (Anberlin, Anchor & Braille)


"We at Radio Free have been huge fans since we first heard the opening stanza of "Wild Love". And now, after getting to know more about these gents from SoCal, we are certain that God has big things in store for them. Stoked for the new record"

-Radio Free 92.5FM, Florence, SC, USA


"You guys are top geezers." -Martin Smith (Delirious)


"We LOVE playing some Southlen on Star88!"

-Star88 FM, Albuquerque, NM, USA


"I thought it was great!" -Dina Barbosa (our mother)


"I have to apologize to @Southlen. Thought your music was terrible until I gave it a good listen. #apologies #fire #amazing #rockon-@JohnJay_Sanchez










Loving Life, Living Love

April 2011



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Young Hearts

October 2014


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December 2019



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