Holding back on

All the words she meant to speak

Her addiction to the party and the beat

She has a pretty face, but her heart is in the keep

Another classic case of beauty and the beast


Who are you? 

You're not what I thought

I see you

You're not what I saw


We can dance all day; we can move the night

But if You’re not here, then it's just not right

With moves that kill and looks that lie

Vanity seems like everyone in sight


She goes around town 

In her heart she can't ignore

The steady knock of Jesus at the door

"I can't just run away, can't just ditch my life"

Her true colors show only late at night


Who are you? 

You're not what I thought

I see you

You're not what I saw


She said...

 "All I've done to please myself

Has brought me pain, has brought me Hell

I know my way is pain and harm

So save me, take me in Your arms"





I’m constantly in your eyes

But why do I feel like I’m

Out of sight and out of mind

You know I’m looking to you

I know it seems like I am

Running from you

Here is the truth


All we want it attention

All we need is direction


Oooh, oh yeah

I can’t make it on my own

This is all I want to say

Oooh, oh yeah

Gotta find my way back home

This is where I want to be


You know I’m looking to you

I am obviously yours

I’m leaning to you to know what to do

Your voice is like the sunlight

Clearing a path for my eyes

Show me the way

Teach me the way


This is what I saw as I turned my head

Your arms open wide dared me to hope

For all that I want, I need 

You are everything





I’m restless, can’t sleep much these days

But I’m never wide awake

And my homework never seems to end

And I fell asleep in my jeans again


I see the same faces every day

Can’t really say that I’m okay

And there’s always something going on

Like an end-of-the-world phenomenon

I turn away from what’s there

But the rest of the world can’t help but stare


My day was pretty crazy, I must admit

I went to sleep at two, woke up at six

My eyes are getting blurry; my body is weak

But I’ll keep on going to finish these things

I’m not too good with waiting; my strength is shot

Brave with confrontation, I’ve found I’m not

‘Cause when I get nervous, my heart starts to pound

Now it’s beating faster than the speed of sound


I don’t know where else to go from here

But believe I’ll keep on moving

The years start slowing me down

But I’ll still believe in the One that has got me this far

Now I know how I got through the years

Through the aches and pains of growing up

My life wouldn’t be much without You

Worthless - so God, here’s to You

Now I need to stop thinking too much about

How the way things should go, just let them be

These are my words, so here we go


If you’re restless, can’t sleep much these days

Remember your work is not in vain

Made with one soul and measured time

So find His love to live your life





Lord, my hear is getting weary

Getting cold…

Gotta keep myself from drifting

Getting cold…

Where is the love I knew I once felt

I’m getting cold…


So I turn my heart to You

And I’m fully letting go

Send Your fire, heal my heart

With a love that fills my soul


Your love is healing

Transcending feeling

Your presence is my home

Jesus, my soul is thirsty

I’m desperate for You

You will is where I belong





(Spoken Word Intro)

Though the oppressors come for our souls this very hour…

Though they come for us…

We shall not fall…

We shall rise…

We are…


We’re breaking out

Won’t be held down

‘Cause I’m getting out of this

You’re getting out of this now

And all of the weight

Of this wrong I’ve come to hate

I’m getting out of this

You’re getting out of this now

Strength is running thin

But inside of me there’s a war

I’m getting out of this

You’re getting out of this now


We’ve made mistakes before

I’m getting better; you’re getting better

We fall, but get back up

I’m getting better; you’re getting better


You’ve built your walls

You’ve built your doubts

Lie by lie, you stack ‘em high

Until you close the good all around

But as you wait, alone in the box you create

You realize that you are trapped inside

And need a hero to save you now


I need to get out, get away

My God, I need You here to stay

Will You forgive the monster me

My God 


We need to make a turnaround

My God, take us to a higher ground





Don't you dare close your eyes without me 

Don't you dare fall asleep for the last time

Maybe it's Heaven's call 

You're all I got

Stay with me


He walks away - gun in hand

How did he get involved in their master plan?

He said he's called and leaves tonight

He's convinced of this and he knows it's right

A mother's scared for her son 

And the fear of losing but another one

She said this can't be right, my son

And everybody knows what she said next


Don't you dare close your eyes without me 

Don't you dare fall asleep for the last time

Maybe it's Heaven's call 

You're all I got

Stay with me


A father sits, cries, and stares

His young daughter's out for war said "who cares"

A fear she'll walk right out that door

Got a letter, things are better, but they still need more

Emotions that words can't describe

Pain and pity, disappointment, well at least he tried

You can see the pain that was in his eyes

And everybody knows what he said next


You know it's hard letting go

But I'm seeing clearly now for the first time

I'm giving into Heaven's call 

Giving it all I got





So I look in your eyes

I'll hope you find your hope inside

And I'll be praying for you

Be hoping for you

I promise we'll find you


But you say...

I, I don't think I should be anything

But what I am

And you, you say to me

It's hard to believe in something that I can't see


I want to see something beautiful

Something beautiful

When I see you doing what you do

I want to see that shining light

Of Jesus Christ

Oh, His love shining through


I've found a place where I'm never alone

I'll never look back

I'll help you move on

Away from the pain and the guilt

I'll be there for you


And I, I think that we

We are the same

We are afraid

And you, you will believe

In me and see

When God's love sets you free


I can't help but stare

At a love that is so clear

But you're here

Let us believe

"Your faith I receive"





Open your eyes

Take the time to see

That people need love

People like you and me

Open the doors of love

In your heart
Let your life be a song

Sing it out


If you believe me

If you feel the need

To love like Jesus

It starts with you and me

It starts when we open up
Give our hearts

Together we’re strong and alone

We stand apart


You and me, we could change the world

We could change the world with love


Love is all we need to survive

To save our world, save our lives

God is the love that makes us strong

Through storming seas and soft summer breeze

Love came down to save us forever

Where on that cross You set us free

Jesus, You are the love of my life

Take all that is mine

You are my life


We live to love, we’re living

To change the world with loving

We live to love, we’re living

To save the world with loving


You and me, we can save the world

We can save the world with love

You and me, we can change the world

We can change the world with love






Sit here alone as people and car lights tend to pass me by

Summer sunset slipping from my eyes 

Leaves me feeling more alone at night

And thought it seems loneliness has it out for me

But the nearness of you will fight it out for me


When I’m alone

I try to find my way to You

I’m not far away from You

When I’m alone

When I’m alone

I try to find my way to You

I don’t feel away from You


Girls and boys think they’ve figured you out

But they don’t know how hard your life’s been

But you know somehow 

You’ll find the strength to go through now

You and me, we might see things a little differently

You have the same eyes watching over me

Watching over you


You’re not alone
He won’t turn away from you

Feels like you can’t make it through

You’re not alone

You’re not a lone

It hurts so bad, the pain in you

Don’t give up; He’ll take you through

You’re not alone 





When I open my eyes to the morning light

And the sunshine meets my face

A small cry from within deep beneath my skin

Sings a song of Your grace

Sings of why I’m alive

Sings of why I’m here

It’s beautiful, wonderful what You’ve done for me


Your love fills my heart

Makes me over

Your grace heals my soul

Makes me over


Oh, Your love is an ocean

Is an ocean deep


When all else fails and fear prevails

And I know I’m not so strong

You pick me up and carry me

When I can’t stand on these two feet

You’re the One that I love

That I trust with me

My light in a raging sea

You give eyes to the blind

You give strength to the weak

And hope for all in need


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