Who We Are

What started out as a one-off cover band for a birthday party has matured into what we now know as Southlen. Eight years, two full-lengths, and one EP later, Southlen is more fervent than ever in their pursuit to inspire this world through music. From engineering to producing, from marketing to haircuts, Southlen are a self-contained, DIY project. The Barbosa brothers’ home of sunny Southern California is a cool, subtle, and unmistakeable influence in their distinct alt-pop sound. The band has literally thousands of hours of combined studio experience from working as the staff production team at Advent Records. They also have had their live skill honed over countless Sundays playing in church and Saturdays playing all over California.


But Southlen is more than a band. Southlen is more than a sound. Southlen is a movement. Southlen is a community. Southlen is a small representation of an age of people who are young and passionate, who look to Almighty God for guidance and rely on His pure love for strength. Southlen exists to prepare the way for Christ in the hearts of this generation. 


We are Southlen, and we are at your service. 

Southlen Wild Love

Contact: SouthlenBand@gmail.com

All Booking Inquiries: SouthlenBooking@gmail.com